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When I first started making scenery, it seemed like the hardest thing ever. But, once I found Overlay Editor, It was very easy. Hence, this is why this webpage is here. When I entered the X-Plane community realized that their was a signifigant amount of people from other countries. It was, and still is a big program. I also noticed that not a lot of Upstate New York scenery was out their. It took me a while, but I finally figured it out. I would start my own scenery project for Upstate New York! So, probably as you are reading this, I am making one of my scenery!

KROC, Greater Rochester International

Files (completed):

1.Syracuse Hancock International Airport, KSYR  

2.Lake Placid Regional Airport, KLKP 

3.Adirondack Regional Airport, KSLK 

4.Greater Rochester International Airport, KROC 

5.Canandaigua Regional Airport, D38 

6. Saratoga County Airport, 5B2

7.Skaneatles Aero Dome

8. Buffalo Niagra International Airport

9. Elmira Corning Regional Airport

10. Harris Hill Soaring Corporation

Forum Thread:

File links:

(I am currently in the process of moving all of my files to the website so people do not have to join communities. I just uploaded a test (Harris Hill) and it worked. I will Upload more later. The list of airorts on the side are the ones that are being processed onto the website.

List of Airports I am planning on doing:

Canandaigua Regional Airport

Greater Rochester International Airport

Lake Placid Regional Airport

Buffalo Niagara International Airport

Adirondack Regional Airport

Albany Regional Airport


Syracuse Hancock International Airport

Saratoga County Airport

Tompkins County Airport

Plattsburgh International Airport

Greater Binghamton Regional Airport

Elmira Corning Regional Airport

Harris Hill Soaring Corporation

If there are any airports that you think are left out, email me at [email protected]

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